Weather Related Road Conditions

Occasionally, weather-related road conditions within our School District may vary drastically depending on location. For instance, weather and road conditions may allow those students who live in or near the city or on county trunk roads (the lettered county roads) to arrive at school with little or no trouble. Certain rural, secondary roads may, however, simultaneously be impassable or dangerous for buses to travel. In this event, the District will only run buses in the city, on county trunk roads, and rural roads, which are safe for travel.

Should this situation occur, District and First Student officials will determine which areas are unsafe for bus travel. The District will attempt to announce via television and radio the particular areas that are affected.

If the school bus is unable to pickup the student and parents are unable to transport their child(ren) to school because of road conditions, Wausau School District students will receive an excused absence from the District provided the parent/guardian notifies the school. Parents of private school students will need to follow the administrative guidelines for their school.