CICO - Check In, Check Out

Check-In Check-Out (CICO)

Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) is a component of the PBIS Tier 2/Secondary Interventions. When students are academically or behaviorally unsuccessful, they can be recommended to participate in the CICO program. Students are then be assigned to a teacher greeter. They check-in and check-out with their greeter twice a day. A CICO daily progress sheet would be assigned to students for the purpose of tracking their progress throughout the day.  Parents are notified of the referral and will receive a regular data update. The CICO system is meant to be positive and not punitive at home or school. 

 CICO is meant to:

  • Improve student accountability
  • Increase structure
  • Improve student behavior and academics
  • Provide feedback and adult support on a daily basis
  • Improve and establish daily home/school communication and collaboration
  • Improve student organization, motivation, incentive, and reward
  • Help students to self monitor and correct
  • Internalize success and accomplishment of goals
  • Encourage students to maintain the Lincoln Loggers' beliefs of being compassionate, responsible, and respectful.