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Julie Schell

Mrs. Schell

Welcome Parents, Families, and Guests,

Welcome to Lincoln Elementary School – home of the Loggers!   The Lincoln Educational Staff is dedicated to excellence in education!   We strive to prepare caring individuals equipped to contribute to our society as independent problem solvers.  We are very proud of the strength and support given to us by the parents and community of Lincoln School.   Our academic mission and positive climate encourages everyone to take an active role in our student’s growth through a variety of opportunities including Parent Organizations such as the PTO, and the Community Volunteer Programs that collaborate with us in efforts to support our all of our students!  We greatly value the home support that parents are able to provide in terms of reading enrichment, homework support, and building responsibility for academic and behavioral choices.

Historical Insights:


The present Lincoln Elementary School opened in fall 1970 and is located on the west side of Wausau near Marathon County Park and the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County campus. It is an important anchor in the “Werle Park Neighborhood,” which is part of the city of Wausau’s “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” initiative. Lincoln School serves the needs of approximately 300 students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Our school participates in the Wisconsin AGR Program that supports student-to-teacher ratios of 18:1 or less in Kindergarten through Grade 3. We are also a 21st Century Community Learning Center site, which allows us to offer extended day programs such as tutoring, enrichment classes, and intramural type sports to our students. Lincoln School staff members pride themselves on providing a high quality academic program that targets the individual needs of each child. The highly professional instructional staff also provides a nurturing learning environment where students are challenged to meet high academic standards and to develop positive social behaviors through direct targeted teaching, modeling, and positive reinforcement of common expectations. We continue to serve a diverse population with a 55% minority student population and with 80% of our students qualifying for Free/Reduced Lunch. We value and celebrate the cultural, ethnic, and academic assets of our school and strive to educate each and every child with high-quality teachers, instructional programming, and career-readying experiences.


What follows is specific information regarding our School Learning Objectives, which are SMART Goals written to target very identifiable student outcome scores based on past trend data.  You will see the Goals stated first, followed by successes from our 15-16 Goals that helped drive our work for this upcoming year.

We will increase by 10% the percentage of students reading at or above proficient reading levels from 1st to 3rd Quarter as measured by the District Report Card.    (School SLO)


We will increase by 20% the percentage of students scoring proficiently written mathematical thinking responses from 1st to 3rd quarter - (As defined by Grade Level Common Scoring Tools) - on the district report card.  (SMART GOAL)


Increasing Pro-Social behaviors, technology integration, and student goal setting and self reflection strategies will also be woven into each of our two school goals for the 16-17 school year!


Action Steps that were successfully achieved in the 15-16 School Year:


· School Improvement Goal - to raise by 10% the percentage of students achieving Proficient or Above in the area of Reading on the District Report Card K-5 from 1st to 3rd quarter.  Actual Student Outcome = 14% increase!

· School Improvement Goal - to raise by 20% from 1st to 3rd quarter the percentage of students scoring Proficient or Above on a Common Grade Level Math Assessment emphasizing Written Thinking Responses.  Actual Student Outcome = 49%!

· To decrease the number of Behavioral Incidents from 1st to 2nd Semester for all students not receiving Specialized Supports by 10%.  Actual Student Outcome = Decrease by over 50%!  

· To decrease the number of Behavioral Incidents from 1st to 2nd Semester for all students currently receiving specialized behavioral supports.  Actual Student Outcome  = decrease of over 200 incidents - 38% decline!

· 80% of K-2, and 70% of 3-5 Students will score in the Average or Above ranges on the Aimsweb Reading Screener Assessment.  Actual Student Outcomes = K-2 90%, 3-5 71%!

· 50% of all 2nd graders will score the Mean Average RIT Score on the Spring MAP Assessment.  Actual Student Outcome Score = 50%

· 65% of our students K-5 will score Average to Above on the Aimsweb Math Spring Screening Assessment.  Actual Student Outcome Score = 71%!


I have also highlighted some additional successes for our school that help us communicate Who We Are, and all that We Strive To Be…


  • School Of Merit - PBIS  15-16 School Year
  • Awarded the PBIS Bullying Video of the Year in the 15-16 School year
  • Before and After School Programming involved greater % of students this year than last, and we had over 15 community partners involved
  • Highly Successful Family Nights brought overwhelming positive responses in our Parent Survey for serving the families of Lincoln in a variety of ways.
  • SSA - Safe School Ambassadors concluded with another highly successful year of anti-bulling programming with over 30 participants in grades K-5.
  • Partnership with Highland Church brought 15 new Peaceful Solutions Playground games to the children and families of Lincoln Elementary School!
  • Highly successful Reading Curriculum Implementation with K-5 students showed progress in Reading Skills and Strategies!


The Lincoln Loggers are dedicated to the following Mission and Core Beliefs:

Be Compassionate, Respectful, and Responsible – Be the Best You Can Be!

We welcome you to join us, and Be The Change…


Mrs. Julie Schell – Principal

Lincoln Staff, Students and Parents…