School Improvement Plans

School Improvement Plan and Smart Goals:


The Lincoln School Data Outcomes from both state of Wisconsin and District measures continue to show that our achievement gaps among student groups are declining and that progress is being made in terms of fall to spring academic growth in knowledge and skills in all grade levels. In the fall of 2014, we were awarded the “Title I School Of Recognition” for School Report Card Scores that reflected we are “beating the odds” for a school with our demographic profile.  For the 14-15 School year, we met our School Learning Objective (SLO) achievement target, which involved making an 11.7% gain in the percentage of students reading at Proficient and Above levels from 1st to 3rd quarter grading periods.  Our student achievement SMART goal that focused on gains in the percentage of students scoring proficient on written responses to mathematical reasoning problems also reflected a 54% gain from 1st to 3rd quarter.

The Lincoln faculty has enhanced the intervention and universal supports provided by implementing the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework that is targeted at explicit prosocial expectations in all areas of the school that are taught, modeled, practiced, and consistently reinforced on a daily basis. Our School Behavioral Outcome Data reflected that we had a decline in the number of referrals from 1st to 2nd semester for the large majority of our students.  Our school staff successfully implemented Tier 2 supports for students with greater prosocial needs with positive results in decreasing the number of referrals for 71% of the students receiving more definitive supports.  In partnership with PBIS, we also successfully implemented the 2nd year of the Safe School Ambassadors Program, (SSA), which is an anty-bullying program based on best practices aimed at providing students confidence, security, and options for managing and decreasing bullying and harassment in the school.

Our goals in the 2015-2016 school year will continue to support our extensive and continued efforts to increase student achievement in the specific areas of reading comprehension, and written mathematical thinking responses.. We will continue our proactive approach to provide teaching experiences in the area of behavior and prosocial tasks through both the PBIS framework of tiered supports and the SSA Program.  Lastly, we will continue to motivate and engage students in various ways through extending our learning opportunities with technological tools such as SMARTBoards, iPads, and student goal setting and reflections on the quality and level of mastery of their own work. Our school improvement goals and actions for the 2015-2016 school year are reflective of our celebrations of student learning this past year and our continued strive for improvement in the future.


Other Successes:

  • 3rd Annual Lincoln Log Jog successfully raised funds to help support “Camp Connie,” a Summer Learning Program in honor of a former Lincoln School Teacher, by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and the value of summer learning!
  • Before- and After-School Programming Grant was extended based on successes over the past 4-5 years and continues to support a majority of Lincoln students and families by extending their learning experiences beyond the school day.
  • Lincoln students achieved their Behavioral Goal each and every month this year and earned the number of Lincoln Logs required for an All-School Acknowledgement based on our All-School Behavior Expectations!
  • 2nd year of successful iPad implementation in the classrooms with increased focus on targeted academic content and motivation strategies.
  • “Little Free Library” was instituted in the front entrance of the school funded by a “Reach For The Stars” Wausau School District Foundation Grant!


Enhancing student achievement in a safe and caring learning environment where students experience and are motivated to succeed to their fullest potential is the focus of our improvement goals as educators each year.  We routinely analyze student outcomes with both academics and pro-social behaviors in order to specifically identify areas for improvement and support our students in the best way possible.  We also greatly value the support and input of our parents, and look forward to bridging that partnership with our families each year.  The entire school instructional staff is dedicated to providing a quality education and the intensity of our goals including specific measurements of our success exemplifies that dedication to excellence and fostering growth in each child.

Lincoln Motto

We will be compassionate.

We will be respectful.

We will be responsible.

We will be the BEST WE CAN BE!


Lincoln Elementary School is educating tomorrow's future – one child at a time.  Come join us – take a tour – and see the future at a glance….

Julie Schell - Principal